I’ve had an OXX Digital radio for some months now, the ‘Classic‘ which is a WiFi and Ethernet and Digital Radio which is an old style yet modern looking unit, and for $299 is one of the best priced full featured radios on the market.

So, from my perspective, OXX have hit the ground running here in Australia.  This Danish company is doing everything it can to make inroads into the Australian market, and through their local man Jeremy Sedley are certainly putting the runs on the board, both with the media, Journos and retaillers.

OXX Vantage

OXX Vantage

Harvey Norman and Bing Lee are both stocking the Classic leading up to Christmas, and with Digital Radio sales doing well across the country (by all reports) OXX are coming to retailers in December with a lower priced basic model – the Vantage.

I have no commercial arrangement withOXX, but they were kind enough to provide some giveaway units on the radio show, and here at www.yourtechlife.com – and, frankly, I think the product is excellent.

So, when I was sent the new Vantage from OXX I had to give it a go.

As I’ve written before, there are heaps of receivers in the market, and I’ve always felt drawn to the PURE andOXX range, with the OXX Classic being the current favourite.

The Vantage is not competition for the Classic, it’s the little sibling.  Much smaller screen (2 lines, basically STATION NAME and SCROLLING TEXT) and no Internet Radio.

It’s a very retro looking device, which is ok, but I’m not a fan of the font on the buttons – picky I know, but keep it simply I say.  It has the same non-plastic plastic feel as the Pure One range, which is nice, and it’s compact size make it a good portable radio.

At $149 it’s a good price point too for this style of radio.

The most stunning thing about this will be evident most to people on the fringes of the DAB+ reception areas or in blackspot areas, I found the Vantage to have excellent reception – there is no known reason why, but I do know Neerav Bhatt also had the same experience, so while very un-scientific, it’s at least reason to give DAB+ a go if you’ve been in those fringe areas and unable to get DAB+.

I live in the north of Sydney, around Hornsby, and with my PURE Siesta and Chronos and their simple wire based antenna, am unable to get much reception other than near the windows.  With the Vantage (like the PURE One Elite) I can get reception anywhere in the house.

The market for Digital Radio’s up to Christmas will be wide and the choice excellent. If you’re looking for something portable, and as a great simple introduction to DAB+ (ie: without the pause/rewind and large screen) give the OXX Vantage a go.

Positive: Easy to tune, excellent reception, good price point, retro design, portable

Not so Positive: Lack’s features (pause/rewind), retro design (it’s good to some bad for others)