This may be the nerdiest of nerdy collaborations – but it will sell out. Star Wars themed Tamagotchi’s are coming, and they hit shelves on November 11 with pre-orders open now.

Straight from a galaxy far, far away (we had to do it), the R2-D2 Tamagotchi is unmistakable.

“Tamagotchi has been an incredible brand for Bandai for over two decades and our collaborations have only continued to expand.” said Trish Garrett, Bandai America Brand Strategist. “Star Wars is one of the most universally recognised franchises and we can’t wait to incorporate a piece of it into the world of Tamagotchi.”

This little egg-shaped electronic pet features the ability to train your R2-D2 to master skills, requires you to keep him charged and clean playing games like Firefighting and Holochess.

There are 19 skills for R2-D2 as a Tamagotchi that he must learn, as well as 7 mini-games to unlock as you improve his skills.

It’s a gadget, but it’s simple, there’s no WiFi or app required to use it.

“We are particularly excited about this collaboration given the success we have seen with previous integrations,” Garrett added. “Connecting the Tamagotchi virtual pet world with the Star Wars galaxy is going to be an epic experience that will truly immerse fans and provide them with a new way to enjoy a Tamagotchi device.”

Pre-Orders are open on the Amazon US store, you’re looking at less than $30 for the Tamagotchi, plus postage, so chip in with mates and buy a couple to make the most of the shipping.