Logitech today announced a raft of new discounted prices on it’s range of audio gear (mainly headphones etc) as of Tommorrow (December 1)

Speakers included, but the bulk of the products are the Ultimate Ears Range of Headphones which are quite good in blocking out sound and also giving you a more comfortable fit – so well worth considering.

Logitech Ultimate Ears

Logitech Ultimate Ears

I think it’s a much needed price drop, given not a lot of people move away from the ‘standard’ headphones that come with most devices including mobile phones, so this makes it a much more achievable step to a better quality performance.

Expected Prices are below:

Product name RRPs before 1st Dec ‘09 RRPs after 1st Dec ‘09
Ultimate Ears Loud Enough (plum, mint and blueberry) $59 $39
Ultimate Ears METRO.Fi 170 $99 $69
Ultimate Ears METRO.Fi 170vi $129 $89
Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 220 $149 $99
Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 220vi $179 $119
Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 4 $229 $149
Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 (liquid silver) $379 $249
Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones $399 $299
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 $749 $499
Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10vi $799 $529
Z320 Speaker System $129.95 $79.95
Z520 Speaker System $249.95 $149.95
Z323 Speaker System $149.95 $99.95