Thanks to everyone who listened, and to all the callers.


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Show notes coming through soon – Thanks to Stephen Fenech from the Daily Telegraph for chatting to me, and also Robert Waterford from MatchMaster Communications talking Digital TV Aerials


Greg – Re Handheld Digital TV – goto

Rob – Re MacBook purchase Advice – I would happily recommend a MacBook pro, I suggest the 13inch, at $1599.  Don’t compare like for like with a Windows Laptop, think about the quality of build, the reliability as part of your purchase decision

Marcello – Question re Outlook not closing down – the Icon stays in the System Tray – I suggest if he really doesnt like it he look at disabling some portion of the Anti-Virus which continully accesses Outlook data stores

Bill – Not a fan of the iPad – Will be sticking with the iPhone – I disagree, this thing will go well, we just need to give it some time and have apps developed specifically

John – Music Videos off Youtube and view on a DVD or USB.  Warren and I suggest Firefox and the Download Helper.

Get Firefox from and the plugin after that from

Richard – WordPad printing issue – wordpad is printing a grey background onto paper when printing any document – I can’t find any reference to this online, but suggest trying to SAVE AS  a RICH TEXT format and then print.

Michael – iPad – Will you be able to print from it – I think NO, but we’ll have to wait and see. However with the iWorks integration there is a possiblity this might be on the cards…

David – Has a friend who is having to scroll left and right every time she visits most websites.  This is because of the Screen Resolution – 2 solutions – 1/ Change Screen Resolution to 1024×768 – do this by right clicking on the Windows Desktop, click Properties, then Settings Tab and slide the tab across to 1024×768.   Solution 2 was from our caller Grant who suggests just clicking CTRL and “-” at the same time to zoom out, CTRL and “+” to zoom in! Thanks Grant

Nick – Bluetooth Nokia phone wont pair with his car – I’ve referred this to Nokia to see if they can help

Kathy – Also has a Nokia, hers is an E71, which can’t pair with her Navman – Also referred to Nokia

George – Had a problem with his display after ‘mucking around’ with settings.  Unfortunately it seems worse than just a resolution issue.  I’ve suggested George goes to Control Panel, System, and Device Manager and REMOVES / UNINSTALLS the Video Card.  Reboot the machine and you will get your screen back! I hope!

Thanks everyone for calling and emailing – please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!