I was asked last week on my Radio show to suggest some simple, plain ol’ mobile phones for people who aren’t looking for an iPhone or Blackberry.

Not much to say about them other than they are still available, but you might need to shop around to get one – because they won’t be front and centre at your local phone store..

The information below is either from the phone websites or the companies themselves, because I have not tested any of these – I have great faith they will do just what you need – if that is Phone calls, and perhaps Text messaging.

Samsung B200 – $49 RRP


True entry level apparently needs less charging than other entry level phones

Samsung C3050 – $79 RRP


Entry level phone with colour screen and SLIDE OUT KEYBOARD at a cheap price
Compact and small in size but with a large, easy to view 2 inch screen

Nokia 1209 – $89

NOKIA 1209

1209 – 65,000 Color Vibrant Display Screen Phone with Prepaid Tracker Applications
Simple, Practical and Affordable. Convenient One Touch shortcut key takes you to message, calendar or phonebook features and even a handy flash light.

Nokia 1650 – $89

NOKIA 1650

Sylish, Good size unit, easy one touch screens – easy to use buttons..
Let me know how you go if you’re in the market – would love to hear about it!