There was a time when Laptops were big, chunky things, until Intel created the “Ultrabook” concept that would define the thinnest and lightest laptops on the market. It was a smart way to push the industry to just simply do better when it comes to design and portability. After all, Apple was kicking it out of the park with the MacBook Air and have done for some time. Well, I’ve gotta tell you – the LG gram SuperSlim is the new class leader when it comes to ultra-thin and ultra-light design.

This thing weighs 990 grams, and it feels that way. Honestly, you pick it up and wonder how does this even turn on? For context, that’s like 200grams lighter than the MacBook Air, and weirdly, its really noticeable.

Pick this up with a pinch of two fingers, no drama.

Now the elephant in the room here I have to say is the price. Over $3,000 for a Windows 11 Laptop. But it is packing a powerful Intel Core processor, and it’s a 15.6 inch screen.

For perspective, I’m currently carrying around at Macbook Pro 16 inch as well and it’s more than double the weight but has a similar screen size. Now those are not comparable devices in many ways, but actually, in some ways they are. Powerful processor options, no touch screen, hefty price tag (Apple costs far more), so there maybe is something in that.

You want performance, screen size, but you’re not willing to compromise on portability.

You’d choose the LG Gram every day of the week.

Windows 11 runs like a dream, there’s a number pad on the keyboard and really strong feeling but short travel keys on the keyboard – lots to love.

Similarly there’s a lot to love about the OLED screen. Bright images, great size – it’s the reason to choose this as your Windows workhorse.

Three USB-C ports and a single 3.5mm jack and that’s all she wrote for connectivity, but connect to any Display or dongle that you need and it’s all coming up connectivity ready in my book.

I’d LOVE for this to be touch screen at this price, but get that this is all about pairing back for the weight saving.

If your budget stretches just over that $3,000 mark – you’d do well to find one of these in a store and just pick it up. No chance you won’t be convinced by it in that single instance.

A powerhouse of design, from a brand we’re just starting to familiarise with Laptops here in Australia. This SuperSlim as part of the “gram” lineup just re-inforces the premium nature of their entry into the Consumer Laptop market.

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