So the exlamation point might be a bit over the top, but this is surprising news.

When Google launched the “Nexus One” some time back in the USA, it was ground breaking. Amazing device, and also direct and outright sales strategy.

That was never that ground breaking for Australia, but Direct from Google seemed unlikely here.

Today, we have news that it’s coming… Read on for more

Vodafone has annoucned that the Nexus One will be available from TOMORROW from their website. (

Stocks are limited aparently, and will be allocated First come first served.  There is no pre-order, simply first in first served.

At $0 on a $79 cap, it’s a good deal.  Question is, have all the ‘waiters’ simply jumped on the HTC Desire which looks and feels just like the Nexus One? It’s basically it’s younger brother.

Time will tell…Full product details will be published on