Since August 6 2009, the only in-car Digital (DAB+) Radio has been the Pure Highway. Not a bad radio, but pricey.

Late last year an in built car radio from BlueState (Developed in Malta) was announced, and should hit our shores very soon.

This morning however, the first pictures of another likely DAB+ candidate emerged, similar in concept to the Pure Highway, this one appears to be coming from OXX – the makers of the OXX Classic and Vantage.

UPDATE: My information is that this new unit will hit retail at under $200 – great news.

Continue Reading for more..The official Twitter account of OXX (@OXXDigital) posted this morning a picture of the new screen mounted DAB+ Radio working clearly in Australia, tuned to SBS DAB only station SBS Chill.

OXX In-Car Radio

As you can see, screen mounted like the PURE Highway however it seems a little smaller.

PURE Highway

The Bluestate model due this year is the favoured model for people with the ability to do a radio swap (sadly, many new cars don’t have suitable interchangable radios)

BlueState In Car DAB+ Radio

It’s good to see more models coming to market, that will be good for Price competitiveness and also the general take-up of DAB Radio.