Skylanders Trap Team is the next big thing – and parents need to know they’re going to be hassled  a lot for it in the lead up to Christmas.  Coming October 2 Trap Team is the next generation of Skylanders game which allows players to find villains and capture them inside “traps” and return them into the game as playable characters.  Until now though the whole “portal” experience was limited to Xbox, Playstation, Wii and 3DS – brace yourselves parents, the iPad is getting a workout this year.

STT_Tablet_StrtrPck_Contents_FINAL2_LoResThere have been Skylanders games on iPad before, but they never allowed players to actually use the toys and “portal” to play the full Skylanders game – in 2014 with the launch of Skylanders Trap Team that is all changing. Your iOS or Android tablet will support Skylanders Trap Team.

SST_SnapShot_KShot_FINAL_LoResPurchase the $99.95 starter pack and you’ll get yourself a unique bluetooth connected portal and game controller which pair with your tablet to bring the true Skylanders experience to your portable device.

Christmas Holidays this year will include the tablet portal being packed in the kids bag so they can grab the family tablet and get playing on those rainy days.

With the games consoles taking over the family TV, plenty of families will be pleased to see Skylanders move away from the loungeroom when the rest of the family want to sit back and watch TV.

Skylanders Trap Team launches on October 2 (October 4 in NZ) – and will be on every kids Christmas list.