Ever had problems changing the printer cartridges on your Printer.

Don’t worry, so do I.

A quick lesson for users of the HP Officejet Pro 8000 follows…

This morning, I opened the top of my HP Officejet Pro 8000 to expose the printer cartridges (or so I thought).  After thinking I had the wrong REFILS (becuase the Black was just Black and the Cartridge was MUCH thicker than those in this area), I went looking for answers…

Hopefully those who have the same or similar problems can learn from my mistake (stupidity)

So here goes!


What i THOUGHT were the cartridges (and yes, they do come out, as easily as any cartridge would)


I thought this was the logical place for the cartridges:)

However, the trained eye (or one that read the manual) will realise that the 940 refils, better known as 940XL are actually located front LEFT of machine:


Behind a nifty little front 'door' are your INK stores


Easily removed, and replaced

The ‘Cartridge’ is in face just an ink well – once you push it in, it begins feeding ink through tubes to the actual print heads (which I confused for cartridges)


Your 'Ink Well'


No electronics or circuitry like on many cartridges - just the ink!

While i was frustrated, I’m assuming this is genius – it SHOULD bring the price of refils down, as we’re not needing to pay for the actual print head each and every time!

Anyone have experience with the cost of refils on these style units compared to older style ‘print head’ replacements?