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Have your ever been out and about and realised there was a file on your computer you needed access to, or perhaps someone at home was having trouble using the computer or finding something?

LogMeIn might just be your savior!

When I first installed this, at $36.99 I was thinking, it’s a bit rich.. Pricey that is..

However, I’m now sold.

LogMeIn loading screen

Install this app on your iPad, then install the client software on your computer and you are able to control and use your computer just as if you were sitting at it, just on a much smaller screen as the case may be.

You can use it to access multiple computers, however in my case it was just my home iMac that I was accessing (LogMeIn is pc/Mac compatible)

Once connected, connection tips are show, how to use LogMeIn

Here’s a crazy, yet real scenario of use for me.

I was on a computer that was behind a firewall, and couldn’t download an executable file. So, i logged into my home computer with LogMeIn, then downloaded the file. Next, still remotely accessing my computer, I uploaded that file to my account… At the pc behind the firewall again, I was able to download the file as a zip from my drop box. Nifty, unusual, but it worked.

I was also able to help someone remotely at my computer get some software downloaded, installed and ready to use. All while they watched me remotely control the computer.

Applications this would be ideal:
1/ desktop support. As a support technician, I could log into any computer with the client installed for complete access. There are subscription based services available like gotoassist and others, however this service requires the software licence only. So it’s a one off cost.
2/ remote file retrieval and file access – when you forget that file or item. Simply log in and send it to yourself !

I’m sure there are many more, but frankly, if you’re contemplating this then you’ll know why you want it.

Full control of my Home computer - via the iPad

It’s super easy to setup, and easy to use.

On my iPad with Telstra 3G access the speed was never an issue. Imagine screen changes as image changes, you are basically downloading a screenshot of your computer whenever the screen changes, however it only downloads the bits that change, so it’s quite fast.

Worth checking out, but likely only worth the top price tag if you’re going to make regular use of it.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bob

    July 12, 2010 at 8:40 am

    I use Mocha VNC Lite on my iPhone to log into my desktop at home on my wifi network and it works pretty well. So far I've resisted buying the paid version as it seems to do what I want. I haven't taken the time to configure it to be used outside my local network yet as I haven't had the need to use it so far.

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