Following my post yesterday reviewing the Bluestate DAB+ single DIN In-Car Digital Radio, I have been able to establish that a new version of the product is slated for August and will have new features for the Australian Market.

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The Bluestate RA-557 featured in my article was a pre-production model, and is also targeted heavily at the European market (Thus it’s lack of AM radio).

A new model, the RA-558 will be ready in August, and pending a distribution agreement in Australia, will sell here.

The RA-558 features a new face design, AM radio, and Bluetooth for your phone.  These features really take the Bluestate into an even more desirable position for anyone with a Single DIN style radio in their car who listens to the radio on regular commutes.

Bluestate in-car radios - RA-557 (Top) RA-558 (Bottom)

The RA-558 also features Line in (AUX IN) for 3.55mm connections – It’s as if they designed this after reading my post yesterday!

Are you interested in the Bluestate radio?

If so, get in touch – comment below, or email me! The more people interested, the more hope we have of getting these radios on sale in Australia!