Telstra T-Box users may or may not have noticed a new option in the ‘video store’.  Bigpond Movies now has a HD Category.

Only four movies are currently listed for rental, but the price (currently) is just $5.99, same as all other latest release titles.

UPDATE – Having originally published this article on July 19, Over a month later Telstra have announced officially that HD titles will be added to the T-Box in the coming month – Priced $6.99

Read on for more, plus pictures…

I noticed this a few days ago when scrolling through doing some bug testing on the box for another Journalist, but didn’t get a chance to snap some shots – then, a little later, they were gone.

Bigpond Movies - HD Rentals - Now Available

So, tonight, I checked again – and there they are.

In your MOVIES section, under New Releases, Bigpond Recommends, You’ll find HD.

There are FOUR Titles available at this time:

  • Up in the Air
  • CASE 39
  • Capitalism: A love story
  • The Lovely Bones

More to come (one assumes).

Bigpond Movies - HD Rentals

At $5.99 I think it’s a bargain, however, I suspect that’s an introductory price only.  I predict $6.99 will be the price.

One problem – It’s not working for me.

I’ve purchased Up in the Air (looked like the best of the bunch), and it’s just saying ‘DOWNLOADING’ or ‘Queued’

So, some issue there.  There has been no official announcement about the launch of HD Movie rentals, however I will confirm the final pricing, title availability and outcome of my issue resolution with Telstra and update this post.

Bigpond Movies - HD Rentals on your Menu