If you’ve got an iPhone 4 (as with all previous iPhone’s) one thing you will most likely be on the lookout for a quality case to keep the phone in for protection and to make the phone a bit more practical to hold.

Belkin is a company that dabbles in many areas, however one thing Belkin are well known for are iPhone/iPod/iPad accessories.

I’ve got several iPhone 4 cases to review, however, with limited time – I thought I’d hand over to a young gun tech reporter Daniel Elias.  You can watch Daniels videos on YouTube at youtube.com/livetechaustralia & read his blog at livetechau.com.

Until then – here are his thoughts on four great iPhone 4 cases from Belkin

“Thanks to Trevor Long from Your Tech Life for getting me these four awesome cases to review from Belkin.

Belkin Grip Vue

Lets start off with the Grip Vue for iPhone 4. When I first looked at all the iPhone cases I was presented with, this seemed like the best option for myself. The reason I came to this conclusion was because it protects the iPhone from the back and sides, fixes any antenna issues (if there were any to begin with), it’s made out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU for short. Basically its a semi hard plastic which is flexible meaning it wont grip to your pockets like most rubber and silicone cases and it comes in three awesome transparent colours: Blue, Clear and Royal Purple. After using this case for a few days now I must say that I love the way it feels in my hand. The case leaves some uncovered gaps for the 30 pin dock connector at the bottom, speaker & microphone which is a nice touch. The sleep/wake button at the top seems to work well with no problems of having to push down any more than you have to. As for the volume controls, have the need to be pushed in quite a lot just to get them to work. This wont be a big problem for people using the earphones with volume controls. The silent switch is recessed into the case meaning you must slightly dig your fingernail into it just to toggle between silent mode and regular mode. The camera along with LED flash gets some breathing room at the back as its not being covered by the case. All in all this case is worth it for people who are scared about cracking the back glass panel and want some protection for their iPhone.

Belkin Verve Pull

Next up is the Verve Pull. This case is made from form fitting leather & I must say it looks very professional. As you can see from the picture, it has a small mesh window at the front which displays the time & caller ID on the lock screen. This is a great feature for people who are trying to avoid phone calls and need to quickly check who is calling before they launch into an awkward conversation. In terms of design I would say that this is for business professionals who want a sleek looking design. The case is also a great protector for the phone dressing it from head to toe. When it comes to functionality, this case runs out of luck. After using it only a few times it has frustrated me how hard it is to actually slip the phone into the case. It seems that you must push the phone with force just to get it all the way into the case which is by no means fun for people in a hurry. One last cool feature about this case is that when you want to take it out, the velcro clip at the top also doubles as an elastic strap which helps you pull the phone out of the case with ease. Overall this case is great for business people who are looking for a sleek design with little functionality. It acts as more of a pocket for your iPhone and by chance doubles up as a case.

Belkin Shield Eclipse

Our next case is the Shield Eclipse. This case is made from from Thermoplastic Polyurethane which like the first case means its strong yet flexible without that annoying grip feeling you get when the case is in your pocket. The case also comes in four exiting colours: Vivid Blue, Black Pearl, Chili Pepper & White Pearl. Its very similar to case one in the sense that it has the same button feedback, design and fingernail killing recessed silent button. The only noticeable difference with this case is that the bottom half is made from a white plastic while the top half is made from a transparent clear plastic. This is obviously so people can see that you actually own an iPhone which by the way is not such a breathtaking thing to have anymore considering most people own one these days. But if you find having an iPhone 4 is such a status symbol, you wont be putting a case on it anyway because you will want everyone to see it in all its naked glory. In conclusion this is a very stylish case which functions as a great protector at the same time but if you don’t want to seem like a such a tool to your mates your better off going with the Grip Vue.

Trevor Long: THE BELKIN SHIELD ECLIPSE is MY Choice of the four.  The clear back shows off the all important Apple logo, but most importantly it doesn’t feel bulky and feels good in your hand and pocket.

Belkin Grip Graphix

Last on our list of reviews is the Grip Graphix. Out of all the silicone iPhone cases i have seen so far, this is one of the better ones. Its non stick grip means that it wont hold onto your pocket for dear life as you try to give it some breathing time. This is great news for people who need a case with good grip on the inside and outside yet want to be able to access it without a fuss. The case comes in three gorgeous colours to suite anyones taste: Royal Purple, Black Pearl & Vivid Blue. When it comes to functionality, this case really shines. The case protects your precious home button with its front facing silicone panel. Buttons are not problem at all with this case because the feedback is so responsive just as if you were pushing them without a case. The silent switch is also easier to toggle between as it has not been pushed in too much unlike its sister cases. To end off, this case would have to be a definite looker for people who want a shock absorbent silicone case which has some great features and the aesthetics to boot.”