Can you think of a more deadly job than driving a truck largely made of wood along a road a few metres wide with sheer drops of hundreds of meters? Yes? Did we mention blind corners and on coming traffic? Oh, yeah, and wild animals, avalanches and overhangs? Now can you?

From the guys that brought you the amazing Ice Road Trucker series based in the most extreme arctic conditions comes this. IRT: Deadliest Roads takes three of the Ice Road Trucker stalwarts, Lisa Kelly, Rick Yemm and Alex Debogorski and plants them in India. Their mission is to drive the Delhi to Shimla roads towards the Himalayas to service a hydroelectric dam. Armed with a battered and underpowered wooden Tata truck, a spotter that struggles with English and some of the scariest roads in the world, this series proves to be the most challenging seen in the Ice Road Trucker series.

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re not convinced about the severity of the project, note two things. Firstly, Alex Debogorski, one of the most seasoned Ice Road Truckers and a driver who came back to the ice roads just a season after having to be air lifted out in a medical emergency, leaves India after less than 24 hours on the roads and two accidents. He barely got out of Delhi. Add that to the fact that every 4.5 minutes, yes – minutes, someone dies on the path they are treading and you begin to understand just what they are getting themselves into.

The History Channel is taking one of the biggest gambles they ever have with IRT: Deadliest Roads. The ends result is a fascinating documentary and some amazing TV. If you think Sydney drivers are bad, watch this.

Price: $40

Web: History Channel