The Simpsons is an iconic TV show, it’s been on TV for 25 years, that’s staggering.  And now, the iconic Duff Beer which Homer loves so much is coming to Australia via BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores – and to celebrate, Moe’s Tavern is too

Not quite the dark, seedy style of Moe’s Tavern normally, however from the 23rd to 30th of May the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel will transform into Moe’s Tavern to mark the arrival of Duff Beer in Australia.

Duff Beer hits Australia

Duff Beer hits Australia

You may have seen Duff before, but most likely that was fake, this release is the first official Duff Beer from the people who created the Duff brand.

The brand will launch as a premium larger that “holds a clean, crisp and refreshing taste” so they tell us, and of course, it comes in the iconic Duff packaging.

The Woolloomoloo Bay Hotel will do more than just Duff for the week at the end of the month, you’ll also find Krusty Burgers, Duffalo Wings and Lard Lad donuts.

The beer itself will come in cans and you’ll find a six-pack for $17 and a case for $45 at BWS and Dan Murphy’s across Australia