Admiration to Ruslan Kogan, he’s done it again.  Another great PR win for him and his team, today announcing they are now selling brand names at the Kogan online store.  Canon, Nikon, Samsung and Apple – all available at amazing prices for Australian consumers.

We’re talking iPad 2’s starting at $489, compared to RRP of $579, and a cheap JB price of $554.

It all seems fantastic.  So is it?

Simply put, yes – will it last – let’s see

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So, $489 – bargin huh – well, yes, but add in the shipping cost and you’re now looking at $523.  That’s still $31 cheaper than JB HiFi.  I’m not sure if $31 is worth waiting 3 days for, but I’ve no doubt plenty will!

Kogan's great deal on the iPad 2

At the higher end it gets interesting – the 64GB with 3G RRP’s at $949. JB Have it at $894.  Kogan – $789.  Again, add the $34 in postage and you’re paying less with Kogan than JB’s online advertised price.  Buy two and you pay the shipping twice! (Updated, I had the incorrect JB Pricing in original post)

JB Hi-Fi's price on an iPad 2

I asked Kogan a few questions about the deal and the supply chain:

1/ is Kogan an Authorised Apple Reseller
2/ is Kogan bringing the Apple products into the country direct or sourcing through Apple Australia
3/ Are the Apple products shipped from Kogan’s Australian warehouses
4/ How is Kogan able to offer such fantastic prices for consumers

The answer to all four questions was: “To secure the prices we are able to sell these products for, we have cut out more middle men and gone higher up the supply chain. Beyond this, we don’t discuss specific details of our supply chain. This is confidential information.”

So, I have to deduce that these products will not be shipped through Australia.

Kogan Selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

What other products is Kogan selling? Try the ‘banned’ Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet.  Not allowed to be sold in Australia after the legal drama between Apple and Samsung, Kogan has found a way around this: “Kogan’s Hong Kong branch is distributing this product Worldwide.

I can only assume that is the same for all the products.

The Canon and Nikon deals are similarly impressive.  But I encourage you to shop around – It’s what Ruslan Kogan would want – if prices are driven down he will be happy, and may do the same himself!

Remember, the sticker price in Online stores does not include the price to your door – so take that into account!