The Guppie is the multitool carabiner every DIYer should own

Any self-respecting man with a do-it-yourselfer attitude should own a multitool. Compact, convenient and offering multiple tools in one compact device is the epitome of convenience. The Guppie takes the multitool to a whole new level though, thanks to its innovative carabiner design.

Although not designed to support any weight like a traditional carabiner, the Guppie’s design allows men of all skill levels to look the part with the tool attached to a belt loop.

At the heart of the Guppie’s tool credentials is an adjustable wrench, which opens up to about a centimetre. A folding stainless steal blade can be opened and closed usng a single hand, while a removable bit carrier for the screwdriver function also includes a high powered LED torch.

It may not be the newest tool on the market, but the Guppie is certainly one of the most inventively designed. It’s also one of the most practical, especially for the active type.

Price: $US40
Web: www.crkt.com

[via Gizmodo]

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