The AFL gave fans an all-new experience last year when they launched a live streaming service offering every game of the year for just $50. NRL fans will get access to live streaming of TV broadcast games in the 2013 season through the new NRL Live 2013 app, but at a hefty price.

While the AFL was able to offer fans every single game live, it seems the NRL deal wasn’t quite as good for Telstra. Channel 9’s delayed coverage will be simulcast on the app, meaning you can only watch the game on the mobile just as if you would at home,on delay. This will upset many fans, but what they have to remember is that it’s better than nothing!

Up to six matches each week will be streamed live via the app in addition to those broadcast on delay by Channel 9. EFTM has confirmed from several sources the pricing for access will operate on a weekly, monthly or season pass basis.

For $5.49 per week, you’ll be able to access the mobile phone streaming of every game “as it’s being broadcast on TV with up to six games live and two on delay”. If you’re commitment is a bit stronger than weekly you can pay $14.99 for a monthly pass with the same benefits and for the diehards, there’s an annual pass for $89.99.

To be clear, this is the same price for the AFL in 2013, so NRL fans are not getting stitched up. They are just missing out on that lower price AFL fans got in the first year.

Telstra details of the NRL 2013 app and pricing structure

Telstra details of the NRL 2013 app and pricing structure

The NRL 2013 app will be available on iPhone and Android, and will stream on both your mobile and WiFi connections. Telstra customers get the added benefit of all streaming being unmetered for them throughout the year.

Each package will be purchased via an “in-app” purchase on the App Store, while the app itself is free.

Video highlights of matches will be available for free to those with the app.

What’s not clear at this stage is how the State of Origin features in this whole arrangement, nor whether tablet devices will be included. Users will be keen to carry those access passes across their devices and it’s unlikely there is an appetite to pay additional fees for the State of Origin, but we’ll wait and see on that one.

If paying for streaming isn’t your thing, you’ve always got the free-to-air coverage on 9, or the comprehensive Fox Sports coverage on pay TV, while on radio Triple M in Sydney and Brisbane have a greatly expanded broadcast plan for 2013 alongside traditional broadcasters 2GB and the ABC.

It’s set to be a big season for broadcasting NRL.

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