There’s nothing more manly than stripping down to your Bonds singlet and King Gee shorts on a summer’s day and mowing the lawns, right? Right? Bueller? If you want to take the sweat and tight clothing from the chore of lawn mowing, you need to look no further than the Husqvarna Automower.

By using three razor blades to slice the top of the grass, as opposed to your Victa which hacks the grass down like a scythe, the Automower comes with a base station and 150 metres of cable, which is pegged into or buried under your lawn’s boundary so it knows where to mow. With enough juice to mow a random pattern around your yard for about 50 minutes, the mower is smart enough to make its way back to the recharge station when the batteries start to run a little low.

The mower can happily keep a yard about 500 square metres under control, and can automagically detect obstacles and work around them, so long as they’re big enough to truly block the mowers path. You should probably still pick up the hose before you set the Automower on its way.

With pin-locking security and an anti-theft alarm, the most impressive aspect of the Automower is just how quiet it runs. You can use the mower’s control panel to set times for it to go to work – early in the morning or overnight – and because it’s super lightweight at just 7kg and weatherproof, it can even mow during light showers without bogging down in the dirt.

Of course, it comes with a price, and for $2K, you’d probably need to really hate mowing the lawns to buy one when it launches in October. But then again, on a Summer’s day when the beer is flowing and the lawns are growing, having a robot keep your yard looking impeccable would be the ultimate reward.

Price: $1999