Publisher Taschen releases the book no comic fan should be living without. It will create a whole in your bank account though.
In 1935 Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson gave birth to DC Comics with the release of New Fun No. 1. It signalled the end of the comic being regarded merely as filler in a newspaper and paved the way for another 40,000 comic books from DC Comics… and we’re still counting. The grand 75 year history of this great name has been celebrated by the equally famous Benedikt Taschen and his Taschen publishing company.

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking is the ultimate collectible for DC Comic fans. Featuring over 2,000 images, essays from DC Comic legend Paul Levitz, fold-out year-by-year time lines and biographies of the people that made DC Comics what it is today – it’s the ultimate coffee table book for comic fans. With art as amazing as this, it’s a book that should, indeed, be on the shelves of any art lovers book collection.

Weighing in at an immense 720 pages, you can pick up this hardcover book online direct from Taschen for around $210 exclusive of postage. It’s also available from Amazon for considerably less…

Price: Around $210

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