There are loads of great games to play on your iPhone or iPod touch, but AppBlaster turns your them into a virtual reality gun anywhere you choose.

AppToyz AppBlaster

The Gyro and Accelerometer in the iPhone 4 really took gaming to a whole new level, this simple plastic gun takes full advantage of that to bring alien attackers into your lounge room ready for you to shoot.

My first good look at this augmented reality style interactivity came with the Nintendo 3DS – using playing cards to bring characters to life wherever you were through the screen of the 3DS. The App Blaster has a simple plastic holder for your iPhone or iPod and two triggers. Each trigger pushes a small touch pad onto the screen of the iPhone for the ‘shoot’ function.

Basically, you can stand in your lounge room or backyard and when you fire up the free app aliens appear around you. There is a small radar tracker showing you where the aliens are, allowing you to swing around and shoot them.

It really is stunning technology in the Apple hardware and software layers – this simple plastic gun just makes it fun! Highly recommended if you have an iPod Touch, but if an iPhone is your only device and you’ve got kids in the house, be prepared to lose the phone regularly to the kids play time.

Price: $49 (KMart)

Web: Gadget King