It’s a bloody outrage. Wrigleys has release Extra Active, a new chewing gum that has crystal strips on it and is crunchy!

From the makers of Extra, Extra Professional and, you know, other Extra products, comes Extra Active. It’s a great alternative to Metamucil because the reality is, with those crunchy strips, you’re just going to keep stuffing them into your mouth. The new gum looks just like standard strip Extra, but with two shiny blue lines down the middle. They are dual crystal strips – from Erythritol, a naturally-derived sugar substitute – and they’re crunchy. Well, for all of about a minute and then you get over it and the gum goes soft. It comes in peppermint and spearmint.

So when you’re down for your extended coffee break this Friday, grab some new Extra Active as well and amuse yourself for an Extra minute before heading back up to the office. Hey, does anyone else think the Wrigely’s logo looks like something from The Legend of Zelda? No? Oh…

Price: Whatever your newsagents thinks they can get from you

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