You could go cruising down the Amazon in a boat that is more like a suave Surry Hills apartment rather than a cruise ship.

Aqua Expeditions offers a range of cruises down the Amazon River on its two boats, the M/V Aqua and M/V Aria. They specialise in Peru travel and also offer a range of side expeditions during your cruise. You can choose from three, four or seven day cruises and can also customise the experience.

This all sounds good but in reality a lot of other cruising companies off the same services. Where Aqua Expeditions differentiates itself is in the vessels you’ll be crusing on. The Aqua and Aria are amazing, to say the least. The Aqua is 130 foot long and has twelve suites and four master suites, all between 230 and 240 square feet. Each suite has panoramic windows, en-suites and air-conditioning. It’s a similar story for the Aria – a 147 foot long vessel, but this time there are 16 suites which are generally 240 square feet.

The ships also feature lounges, Jacuzzis, exercise rooms and amazing decks. If you’re thinking about taking a cruise in style, these would be a pretty good option.

Price: From US$2,500
Web: Aqua Expeditions