What do you get the man who has everything? How about a pair of solid gold shoelaces, worth $19,000? No, we’re not joking…

Hand woven in Columbia from the finest 24-karat gold, exotic shoelace company Mr. Kennedy claims it takes 120 hours to create a single pair of the solid-gold laces. Although if gold is a little bit too exotic for your fine, manly tastes, why not consider the $US3,000-a-pair silver shoelaces the company also offers?

If you’re keen for some bling in your $100 Nikes from Paul’s Warehouse, you’d better hurry – these premium laces are very limited edition, with only 10 pairs of gold laces and 30 pairs of silver laces available.

Price: $US19,000 (Gold); $US3,000 (Silver)
Web: Mr. Kennedy
Via: Fashionista