While so many homes are being populated with a pod or capsule based machine, there are many who appreciate their coffee so much that they want to choose the beans, they want to hear the grind and they want to have an overall improved coffee experience. There are many ways to step up above a pod based machine, but when you still want the same simplicity there is one way, an all-in-one.

We’ve had the Jura E8 in the kitchen for a few weeks now and we’ve certainly upped our coffee intake at home as a result. We were quick to buy the beans from our favourite local cafe and pour them into the E8 so we could get started.

The E8 is a serious all-in-one machine for multiple reasons. Firstly, the water tank holds a large 1.9L of water with a built in purification system which also measures the quality or hardness of the water being used.

The height adjustable spout can handle two coffees at once or a stronger single coffee. The height adjustable milk attachment will also have all your milk type coffees prepared without lifting a finger.

It will take you less than two minutes to go from firing the Jura E8 up and seeing the espresso ready to drink.

The screen on the front is what makes this all so simple. You’re presented with a menu of different coffees and with the push of a button everything will begin like a well rehearsed orchestra.

In previous Jura all-in-one machine reviews we’ve noted that the espresso style coffees tend to be thinner or more watery than we would like. Unfortunately, we still found this to be the same regardless of the different settings we used on the machine. When it comes to making a velvet, thick espresso we can’t go past an old-school lever action coffee machine, the extraction is just different. With that said, when it comes to a cappuccino or latte, you’re in a great place, the coffee overall is fantastic and you did nothing except push a button.

If you are considering a machine like this keep a spare cup on hand. When the Jura E8 fires up, it will pre-rinse the machine to ensure your coffee is perfect, but if you let all of that go into the drip tray, you’ll be emptying it often. Further, once your coffee is prepared, have the cup under the spout again because you’ll see the machine rinse again at the end. This is a little annoying, especially if you were a big fan of how neat and simple it was all going to be!

At almost $2000 the Jura E8 is not the cheapest machine, nor is it trying to be. You’ll receive a beautiful all-in-one machine that will make good coffee for everyone in the house. For espresso only drinkers you may not be pleased when compared to a pod style machine and your money might be best spent elsewhere. For literally everyone else, this is the simplest way to make barista style coffee, and all you did was press a button.

More info: Jura E8