maccasThere have been all kinds of unique, rare McDonald’s burgers released around the world, but the one thing the company can proudly call Australian is the nickname “Macca’s”. That’s why the company has done a limited rebranding of some of its stores.

Starting today, 13 stores around Australia will change their signage to marry the golden arches with the nickname “Macca’s”. The move comes following research from the fast food chain that 55 per cent of Australians refer to the chain by the condensed name.

It’s also part of the company’s Australia Day marketing efforts, which includes a new range of “Aussie” burgers and the “Do the Macca’s run” Facebook game.

The change is only temporary, with the signs turning back to the traditional McDonald’s branding early in February.

Ultimately though, this is a missed opportunity for some truly revolutionary rebranding. While 55 per cent of Aussies may refer to the fast food chain as “Macca’s”, it would have been really groundbreaking if the company had renamed to the nickname my old man gave the golden arches while I was growing up: “Chew and spew”.

Or not. Either way, look for the rebranding in Engadine in Sydney and Kangaroo Point in Queensland.

Via: NineMSN