Great Scott! Last Friday, motoring company DMC announced that it would be partnering with electric vehicle company Epic EV to begin production on an all-electric DeLorean DMC-12. This is heavy!

The DMC-12, made famous by the iconic Back to the Future movies, has long been regarded as ahead of its time, especially since the company went bankrupt in the 80s, before being relaunched in the 90s. This latest electric version isn’t quite the same as the car in the films, although most of the changes are for the better.

For one, there’s no Flux capacitor to accidentally send you back in time on a stormy night. But more to the point is the inclusion of an iPhone dock, GPS and a clean, simple leather interior.

There isn’t a lot of information available about the car itself, although it’s expected to sell for between $US90,000-$US100,000, and offer 260 horsepower and have a top speed around 200kph. The exact design – like where the electric motor and battery pack will go – is still unnannounced, but given it won’t be going into production until 2013, there’s still plenty of time to fine-tune those details.

Which also gives researchers a little over a year to invent Mr Fusion. Make it happen, scientists!!

Price: $US90,000-$US100,000 (TBC)
Web: DeLorean
Via: Autoblog