Professional photographers everywhere, pull out your credit cards and start buffing the magnetic stripe – Canon has announced its upgrading its EOS 1D with the new 1D X, launching March next year.

Specs wise, this thing is as drool-worthy as DSLRs come. A full-frame 18.1MP CMOS sensor capable of autofocus shooting at 12 frames per second, 61 point AF and Full HD video recording the 1D X is a camera designed for the professional photographer. It even has a maximum ISO of 204800, a figure so high it probably reaches into Predator-vision.

All this is made possible by the inclusion of not one, not two, but three separate image processors – two Digic 5+ for the fast burst mode and ridiculously high ISO, and a Digic 4 dedicated to metering.

The camera has a gigabit ethernet port, dual CF card slots and a touch sensitive scroll wheel so there’s no horrible clicking sounds during video recording.

There’s no pricing announced for the Australian market, but it’s expected to cost around $US6,800, which means it’s really only for the pros.

On the upside, now you know why wedding photos cost so much…

Price: $TBC ($US6,800 expected)
Web: Canon