That’s right, Kindle users who are Prime members will be able to access the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library – the 21st century version of the library.

There are really no tricks or fine print this with initiative from Amazon, other than you have to be a Prime member which costs US$79 per annum and entitles you to a few other extras (we are looking into whether Aussies can be Prime members). Once you’re signed up you have access to a huge range of books that include New York Times Best Sellers as well as other popular books – not just the classic titles and other unpopular gruff.

You won’t get fined for overdue titles either. With the Amazon Kindle Owner’s Lending Library you get to borrow one book each month. For quick readers that probably won’t be enough, but it’s free, so there’s nothing stopping you from making a book purchase or two as well to increase your reading material.

Don’t worry about the authors or publishers – Amazon has worked out a payment method for them so they don’t get screwed over.

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