Never thought I’d be writing about Old Spice – on a Technology website… But you’ve got to give them credit.

I’m not a marketing guru, but this is sheer genius.

Read on to see how Old Spice is making a hit on the Social Web…

Recently, Old Spice launched some new commercials (mainly in the USA, but stand by for something similar here) which were not just funny, they were clever – clever script, clever editing.  Brilliant stuff.

So, add to that, a Twitter account ; @oldspice. It’s not rocking the charts with just under 20,000 followers, but expect that to grow.

Old Spice Twitter account

Old Spice’s marketing team seems to be going for complete Social and Viral marketing, you see via the account they are getting some fun replies, and not just from average joes.  They have celebrities tweeting to @oldspice.

So, while they are doing a good job of replying to lots of Tweets – what better way than to take the 140 character reply rule and throw it out the window.

Old Spice have now got a full YouTube channel on which you can see their normal TV commercials, but also – some fantastic video replies to tweets.

They are funny, witty and well scripted. Isaiah Mustafa @isaiahmustafa the star of the commercials has his own following on Twitter, but does a great straight faced job at these video replies.

I’ve included a few below, enjoy, and head over to the YouTube channel for loads more…

It will be very interesting to see how many followers this brand picks up, and views they can get on YouTube for this stuff.