If the photographer in you laments the fall of “shaking it like a Polaroid picture”, get ready to start shaking it again. Polaroid has just announced the Z340, a 14-megapixel digital camera that can print out pictures instantly.

The Z340 features a 2.3-inch LCD screen for framing your shots, and prints out 3×4 inch prints using the inkless Zink technology. Weighing 680 grams, it’s a little chunky in a world full of designer compact cameras, but that’s part of the retro appeal. A single battery charge is apparently good enough for about 25 prints.

While Zink prints aren’t the best quality, they do full the instant-gratification requirements of a traditional Polaroid camera. And with the awesome retro styling, the $400 pricetag makes it a pretty cool party accessory.

Price: $400
Web: Polaroid
Via: CNet