If you’re a famous somebody then there is a good chance you’ll be able to use your “personal brand” to create a scent. Paris Hilton, David Beckham and even Donald Trump has a perfume or cologne that you can wear. I mean, who doesn’t want to tell their date that they’re wearing Donald Trump?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the worlds best soccer/football players, he currently plays for Real Madrid and if you ask any lady they’ll say he is a fine looking human too. All quite different to Trump already. Cristiano has released his second fragrance known as the Legacy Private Edition. It sounds like an exclusive cologne and Cristiano meant for it to be this way.


Unlike many celebrity fragrances on the market Cristiano was actually heavily involved in the entire process. From the design of the bottle, the combination of scents and even the marketing – Cristiano was involved the whole step of the way. Many celebrities will just slap their name on a bottle and reap the royalties. For this fragrance Cristiano even had his manager and some best friends get together to provide feedback on the cologne to ensure he hit the spot.

At EFTM we like to test products to provide you with feedback beyond the marketing pitch. The bottle is gorgeous, it will look great in the bathroom, your date will appreciate the style – if she gets to the point of seeing the bottle. One thing that we loved (and entirely not football related) is the rubber grips on the sides, they resemble car tyre tread, as car lovers this is a good thing!


With the wife away and unaware of the cologne test we applied some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legacy Private Edition and waited.

The wife test was instantly on from the minute she walked in the door. “What is that I am smelling?” we hear. As she draws closer the questions continue “that isn’t your usual cologne… what is that?”. We check back “depends, do you like it or hate it?”. “I love it” is the response.

It’s a winner.


The description (if it helps) from the crew behind the fragrance is “notes of maple syrup, clearwood, tonka, amber, vanilla bean and moss”. Look, we don’t know what tonka smells like, we thought that was the brand of a toy truck but in this instance we’ll be sure to use it next time someone asks what fragrance we’re wearing. Whether or not you like celebrity backed fragrances we actually recommend running a tester of this one, give it the wife/girlfriend/shop assistant test and make your call from there.

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy Private Edition 100ml is available now for an RRP of $79.99 at Priceline, Chempro, Chemmart, Guardian Pharmacy, Healthyworld, Mega Save, Perfume Parlour, Pharmacy on the Mall, Terry White, Wizard Pharmacy and Your Discount.