There have been plenty of instances of companies claiming to have ‘interactive TV’ for many years now. This summer however the cricket coverage takes it that one step closer to reality with an app for your smartphone allowing you to engage in the coverage.

Sure we’ve had SMS numbers and 1900 numbers (remember 0055, or am I just old?), but this new app from Cricket Australia, Vodafone and Channel 9 means you can get right into the commentary box action. Unfortunately your ‘vote’ on questionable dismissals won’t impact on the decisions of the umpires, however the commentary team will see the real time voting action as it happens.

When a decision is pending from the third umpire you will have the option in the app to cast your vote, with the commentary team using that as part of their discussion as and after the decision is handed down. It’s a very simple extension of the TV coverage for any fan – whack a VB Vending machine in the man-cave while you watch and you might just have one heck of a good summer coming up.

“Cricket Live Australia” will be the name of the app, available from December 1. It’s a free download, and access to all the fun interactive features like voting is completely free too, while access to any live streaming will require an event or season pass subscription.

You can also get Cricket TV on your mobile this summer. Cricket TV is available to Vodafone and non-Vodafone customers on iPhone and iPad with access costing $2.99 per event or $9.49 per season, while Android users will have to be Vodafone customers – you’ll pay $1.99 per day, or $9.49 per season.  As a side note Android users cannot access the live TV stream due to an issue with the APN settings, while Vodafone customers who purchase Cricket TV will have their data Zero rated.

It sure is summer when the cricket rolls round – bring it on.