Look out Hugo and Topsy, Daddy has found a little gadget that will fix your little red wagon! After recently spending an enormous amount of money on fencing our small acreage to keep the pups safe and secure, along comes the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence. 

SpotOn has used CES 2020 to show off their system and explain some of the key benefits. Firstly, although this product is relatively expensive at around US$1500, there is no need for buried wires or base stations. The virtual fence is created by simply walking the perimeter of the space where you want your dogs contained: up to ten virtual fences can be created.  With the associated App, owners can monitor their dog’s movements remotely. Secondly, virtual fences can be created anywhere: parks, friend’s houses, camp sites; anywhere where you want to keep your dog safe and secure. 

The collar is super tough and can even withstand doggy paddling across puddles and dams. Best yet, as the dog approaches the virtual fence, a gentle audible warning is emitted before a louder, harsher warning. If Fido continues towards the fence, the collar will emit a customised zap. Importantly, and unlike any other electric fence, if your dog does cross the virtual fence the system shuts down, alerts you immediately via your smartphone and only reactivates once your furry friend is back within the area where you want them contained.

This feature is not only clever but avoids the horrible situation of your dog being excluded from exactly where you want them. For this reason, the Spot On Virtual Smart Fence is not only one of my all-time CES favourites but also a product that I will be investing in. So, look out Hugo and Topsy; CES 2020 will see you stay exactly where I want you.