It’s hard to believe but this Ferrari is created by a design student studying in Italy. Not only can he design Ferrari’s, he makes a pretty mean Mercedes-Benz as well!

This is the Ferrari, umm… well, it doesn’t have a name yet, but regardless, we would love to see Ferrari produce a monster car like this. This Ferrari is very much an figment of someones imagination. That imagination belongs to design student Aldo Schurmann who studies Transportation Design at Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin, Italy. He’s put most of his time and talent into creating concept cars on his blog for some of the biggest marques in the world. While they may not be paying any attention to him right now, it’s clear to see he has a knack for future concept work with motoring manufacturers.

There are no real details about this particular Ferrari as it’s simply the inner workings of Schurmann’s mind in the form of CAD. According to Yanko Designs, Schurmann sees this as not just a track car but a car for the everyday millionaire who craves attention. If this car became reality, job done. If it were us we would be sticking a sweet sounding V8 in it with an F1-inspired steering wheel that was equipped with Bluetooth so you could call your friends and just accelerate hard. Schurmann has also created a wealth of other cars including Maserati and Mercedes-Benz models on his blog. They are certainly worth the effort to check out. Hell, we’ll even make it easy for you by sticking a link below the final pic.

Via: Yanko Designs

Images: Aldo Schurmann