Not only was David Pocock the stand out player for the Wallabies during this year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, but it turns out he is also one of the nicest blokes in the world. Pocock has revealed he has an eating disorder in an autobiography, from which every cent made will go to charity.

Approached to write a World Cup diary during the recent (unsuccessful) Wallaby campaign, the book, entitled Openside: My Journey to the Rugby World Cup, became a confessional of sorts for the 23-year-old Wallaby flanker. In it, he tells of how he developed an eating disorder as a teenager when his family fled Zimbabwe, and how that drove him to try and become a world class rugby player.

But while many sportsmen put pen to paper as a way to make a quick buck, Pocock is using his tell-all autobiography as a way to help kick start some fundraising for charity. Every cent made from the proceeds of the book will be donated to charities via his new website,

If you’re a rugby fan, go and pre-order a signed copy today, not just for the story, but for the social activism it inspires.

Price: $30
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