All those naysayers who decried the iPad as a consumption device and not a creation device can now enjoy a little bit more humble pie with the release of the Digitech Pedalboard, which lets your tablet add a huge selection of effects to your amazing guitar skills (supposing you actually have those skills).

Available for $US500, the Pedalboard combines a dedicated app which features 87 different virtual pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets, with a rock-solid case with ten dedicated foot pedals, an amp and a cabinet. Swiping your finger across the iPads screen lets you select different effects easily, while a drag and drop footswitch interface lets you easily program the hardware pedals in seconds.

The hardware has plenty of dedicated connections, including quarter inch plugs for your guitar and amp, plus headphone plugs, external footswitch connectors and a USB port for audio streaming. If you’re serious about your guitar, this is quite possibly the most cost effective solution for a pedalboard you’ll ever find.

Price: $US500
Web: Digitech
Via: Uncrate