Flying on-board a Jetstar flight to Auckland it was re-inforced to me how boring a flight can be if you don’t bring your own music or movies.

That’s just gotten easier with Jetstar today launching a world first in-flight iPad hire program.


For as little as $10 (up to $15 for the longer haul flights) you can hire an iPad on board a Jetstar flight.  Limited availability at this stage, but in time all flights will be covered.

The offering is pretty darn good too – with a bunch of Hollywood movies, Aussie Movies, Music, TV shows and Games – there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Just like any in-flight system, the content is updated monthly, with new movies music and even magazines refreshed for the benefit of frequent travellers.

Jetstar have done deals with major movie distributors to ensure the movies are new release, as you would get on many in-flight systems, but the difference I found was you’re not waiting for slow and often buggy systems to respond – just like any iPad, it’s quick, and easy to use.

If you love your low cost carriers, but miss the entertainment on-board airlines like Qantas, you’ll be mighty impressed with the Jetstar iPad offering.


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I travelled to Auckland and back as a guest of Jetstar