Jeff Banks – Commander of the British Empire, Doctor of the Arts and fashion guru. He’s the man behind the Jeff Banks fashion brand and has boutiques around the globe, including the UK, Japan and Australia.

On a recent trip to Australia to launch his new eye wear range at Specsavers, EFTM caught up with the Commander for a quick chat about the basic principles of fashion for everyday men.

What are the most common fashion mistakes by average men these days?

I think the biggest mistake is when men think that dressing well is not for them. Everyone can do something to improve their appearance and with it goes a lift in self esteem.

What’s the best way to keep on top of trends and make sure you’re looking sharp?

Look at TV presenters and watch what they’re doing. Most presenters have stylists that are constantly on the hunt for the new trends so it’s an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse.

Do trends change much from country to country or do they roughly follow the same patterns?

Fashion is now global so it doesn’t take long for a trend to circle the globe, so I think the days of thinking any one country is ahead in the fashion stakes is out.

Are there rules to follow when picking out a good watch?

There are two levels of watch buying. When choosing the one that you will keep for years go for a big name like Rolex or Cartier. Mix this up with an everyday fashion watch that you can update every other year but don’t pay more than $1,500.

How does Australia stack up in the style-stakes. Sydney hasn’t joined New York, Paris and London yet, but are we getting closer?

I don’t think that’s true. Sydney and Melbourne have many more independent designers than New York and by what I’ve seen they have a lot to teach the rest.

You’ve just launched a new range with Specsavers. What are the trends in eyewear?

The biggest trend is a big return to acetate or mixtures of metal and acetate, instead of everything being metal only and looking high tech. For me it’s retro eye shapes with technical sides. Big is best at the moment.

The Jeff Banks eye wear range is available now at Specsavers where you could also win a personal style session with Banks.