You’re backing out of a tight spot at the shopping centre. The kids are screaming, it’s 30 degrees and the aircon’s broken. You turn your head for a minute and suddenly… Crunch! You’ve just crashed into the parked car behind you. Do you get out and leave a note, or make a run for it?

If you said you’d leave a note, you’re definitely in the minority, according to new research from the NRMA. According to the study, nine out of ten drivers won’t fess up to car park bingles.

The study also found that 66 per cent of Sydney drivers have had their cars damaged while parked which is largely put down to increased density and drivers using “touch parking” techniques, letting their bumpers let them know when they’ve run out of room.

Naturally, the NRMA recommends you always leave a note if you accidentally bump another parked car, but then again they would, seeing as how they’ll make a killing in the insurance claims. That’s not to say you shouldn’t leave a note – it is, after all, the honest thing to do.

Have you ever accidentally bumped into a parked car and driven away without leaving a note? Or had your car scraped by another car while you were doing the groceries? Let us know in comments.