We’ve all been there – after a big night of sushi and sake, you wake up the following morning slightly hungover and accidentally rub the fermented Japanese wine on your face instead of shaving cream. Okay, that’s ridiculous, but it hasn’t stopped Kyoku from releasing a sake-infused shaving cream for men.

The Japanese inspired cream is a weird combination of old and new ingredients, blending natural things like chamomile, ginseng, avocado oil and bamboo with high technology friction-free silicone micro particles and potent skin softening agents.

Sake itself has a long tradition as a skin-softening agent in Japan, where Sake factory workers are renowned for having smooth, soft hands. Apparently is increases oxygenation and increases capillary circulation, which allows skin to breathe and remain hydrated.

Available for both normal skin and sensitive skin, Kyoku for Men comes in 170mL tubs for $30 each. And no, it probably doesn’t taste like sake, in case you’re wondering…

Price: $30 (170mL)
Web: Kinetic Blue