If you’re sitting on the couch more often than getting out and about, perhaps you should consider the fact that there are now robots doing more exercise than you after Panasonic’s EVOLTA robot finished the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.

Panasonic is pretty proud of its little man, after completing the 230km triathlon challenge in 166 hours and 56 minutes – sure, it’s not super fast – but hey – it’s a robot! We’d like to see you do better. What do you mean your name is Guy Leech? OK, sure, you may be able to do better…

Powered by three EVOLTA ‘AA’ batteries, the goal was to do it in 168 hours which it did, including 5 hours 36 mins to finish the 3.8km swim, 97 hours and 42 minutes to complete the bike section, and 63 hours 38 mins to complete the 42.2k run.

Where to next? The Melbourne Cup? With all these foreign horses doing so well, it wouldn’t be out of place!

Interesting though, I can’t seem to see anywhere in the press release how many batteries the little man went through! Better start searching Google Maps for a toxic waste site on the course.