If you fancy yourself as a muso, playing air guitar or air drums – you might just enjoy the news that Apple has released its popular GarageBand software for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Available on the iPad since the launch of iPad 2 earlier this year, Garageband is a successful ‘app’ transition from the big screen (Mac) to the small screen having featured on Macs for some time now.

It’s just $5.95, or free to install on your iPhone or iPod touch if you already own it for iPad.

Apple say it works on the 3GS and original iPad, which it does, however in my experience the difference between original iPad and iPad 2 performance is pretty big, so expect the best experience on the very latest iPhone 4S. However it’s still worth a download if you love your music  and have a seriously long train or bus trip into work. We probably wouldn’t recommend it for burning time while you’re driving though.

Where: iTunes

Price: $5.95