If you want to make an uber style statement without the “look-at-me” attention a thick TAG Heuer or Breitling will bring, Piaget might have the watch for you…

That is if you’re willing to drop a couple of hundred thousand on a watch. Which you may well be. The Piaget ultra thin Altiplano range make their statement through paper thin design and brilliant styling. The conservative approach to the facade makes the Piaget Altiplano range rely on the use of brilliant materials in the watches’ construction to stand out – and they do.

Most of the Altiplano range is made of 18K gold of some variety (most often pink or white) and uses Sapphire crystal as well. Top this off with the thinnest self-winding mechanism on the market, at 2.35mm and you have yourself one of the best looking watches around. Not all of the Altipano range comes with the self-winding mechanism though so you might have to spend ten seconds of your time getting the time right.

There’s a range of face looks to suit both men and women. We’re big fans of the G0A35131 or the G0A35132. With some just 5.25mm thick at their thickest point, they’re truly stunning watches.

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