Joe Button, a Sydney based company, has put an end to ill-fitting shirts and 90s designs by letting you choose your own design and customise the fit of your next business shirt.

There are a few companies around the world that will let you do this, but Joe Button gets five stars for being Sydney based and being bloody thorough. The company allows men to create shirts that are custom fit to them (you have to do your own measurements) or you can choose standard sizes.

You can choose from standard sizes and designs (check out the Seth Cohen for a glimpse back at naughties cool pop culture) or you can completely customise your own shirt. Choose your own collar, fabric, cuff, buttons, monogram, placket, yoke, epau loops and more – some additions cost extra, such as $5 for inner fabric on you cuff. Then you can either put in your own measurements or choose from standard sizes. You also get a choice of fits.

Joe Button – How it Works from Joe Button on Vimeo.

The end result if you put in the time and effort to create your shirt is a fairly individual (it’s not out of the realm of possibility that someone else could create your exact design) shirt that will fit you precisely. It also means that you can have the design you want on the style of shirt you want – a luxury not often afforded to the style conscious. Don’t you want to look like the dude next to his bicycle pictured above?

With shirts starting from $99, it’s a pretty affordable option too. Delivery time is around two weeks for a custom shirt and there’s bulk ordering specials as well, including free delivery for orders over $250. There’s also women’s clothing too but for the love of God, please get those measurements right otherwise you’re asking for massive trouble!

Price: From $99
Web: Joe Button