A hybrid car that produces 252kW of power? Believe it, that is the Lexus GS 450h F Sport hybrid and it’s just been confirmed the car will come to Australia.

During the naughties Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, turned a massive corner to become a serious contender in the luxury car market. With the IS 250 and later the IS F, it proved it could produce powerful, economical cars that matched BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi in the style-stakes. No easy feat when you consider the beauties coming out of those stables.

Now Lexus has confirmed that the new series GS, which will arrive in Australia in early 2012, will also include F versions – in both petrol and hybrid. Having driven the IS F, this excites us greatly. The F sports badge proved to be a serious increase in power and handling with the IS model, and we expect no less with the GS 350 F Sport and GS 450h F Sport.

The GS F range will come in either petrol or hybrid, with the former producing 233kW while the hybrid GS 450h F Sport produces a gob-smacking 252kW of power. The GS F hybrid model will also become the world’s first four-wheel steer hybrid model. According to Lexus, “Using… the system can independently control both front and rear wheel steering angles to greatly improve turn-in response, rear grip, vehicle stability and overall agility when cornering.” It will take just 5.9 seconds to accelerate the luxury sedan from 0-100kmh, so you will need all the handling you can get!

Being a large sedan, Lexus is well aware of the fact that not all drivers will be purchasing the car for pure power. That’s why it comes with ECO and Sports mode. In ECO driving mode engine output, throttle opening and gear selection are automatically modulated to optimise fuel efficiency under all driving conditions.

Price: TBC

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