There’s a certain irony in having a shoe range called “Barefoot”. But Merrell’s range of runners and trail shoes are specifically designed to help replicate the barefoot running experience, so the irony is almost scientific.

Unlike traditional runners, the Merrell barefoot range is lightweight, versatile and adaptable to almost any situation, just like your feet. Developed in partnership with Vibram, who created the “Five fingers” barefoot technology back in 2005, the new range of Merrell barefoot shoes help develop key muscles while protecting your feet from the dangers of the wilderness. All this equates to a superior workout, according to the press release:

Merrell Barefoot blends minimalist design for added foot freedom with specific traction zones to meet the needs of any terrain – from street to trail. The designs help engage the feet for a more natural stride by moving the wearer off the heel and encouraging forward momentum to a mid-foot landing with lower impact and a more aligned and efficient gait. Stimulated muscles increase core strength, amp up agility and build the body’s ability to burn more calories.

With a wide range of shoes available, including the $189 trail glove and the $219 Sonic Glove. You can get them from a range of outdoor specialists, or check out the Merrellconcept store in Castle Towers at Castle Hill in NSW.

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