Are you tired of having to buy cheap wooden skewers at your supermarket? Annoyed about the splinters you inevitably get? Do you keep accidentally stabbing yourself in the finger? Well fret no more, the GrillComb is here to solve all your problems*!

It may be winter but if you’re man enough you will still be blasting that BBQ and putting another snag on after work. But what about all those small items? Prawns, onions, mushrooms, vegetables to keep your mum quiet. They can be a royal pain in the arse – you either have to turns a whole heap of them every few minutes or use an annoying skewer that you have to soak in water before clumsily trying to stuff a whole heap of food on it.

The Fusionbrands Grillcomb solves the problem by providing you with a comb shaped device that you attach small items of food to. Because it’s not one big skewer you keep the food in good condition rather than squashing it and it’s easy to take off single serves when they are done rather than having to burn the capsicum because the prawn isn’t done yet.

It’s dishwasher safe, made of 18/8 grade stainless steel and comes in a set of two 12-inch long combs.

Costing US$11 it must be bloody good, because it’s already sold out. Hang in there though, hopefully there will be more.

Web: Fusionbrands
Via: Gizmodo

*Grillcomb may not actually solve all your problems.