Want to grab an iPad but don’t have the cash to buy one up front? Telstra has confirmed it will be selling the best-selling tablet device from Telstra stores from next Tuesday, November 15.

Available for $0 up front on a range of plans, starting at $49 a month over 24 months, the Telstra iPad offering includes a set amount of data in the price, so while it seems quite expensive, it’s actually not too bad in the long run. Of course, you’re still much better off picking up an iPad outright from Apple and buying a pre-paid 12GB iPad microSIM with a 365 day expiry for $150, but the upfront payment in that solution isn’t exactly available to everyone.

All three capacities of the 3G iPad are available for potential NextG customers, although customers who opt for the 64GB version will have to drop $24 up front to get their hands on the tablet, before spending at least $57 a month for the next two years.

You can get a full run down of prices from the Telstra iPad page, but the question is whether or not anybody thinks it’s worth it? There’s definitely a market for people who want an iPad without the upfront cost, but is a minimum of $49 a month too expensive? Let us know your thoughts in comments…

Price: From $49 a month
Web: Telstra